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How to Find Great, Cheap Leather Chairs

How to Find Great, Cheap Leather Chairs

Leather chairs don't have to be expensive
Leather furniture adds both a rich and comfortable look to any room. Leather chairs look appropriate in living rooms, dens or dining rooms. Finding high-quality, affordable leather chairs is easier than you think. If you're in the market for new chairs, this article should help you learn how to find great, cheap leather chairs.

Choosing Leather Chairs:

  1. Pick a good frame material. Choose a leather chair with a sturdy frame material. While kiln-fired hardwood is the best material, this will drive up the price. If you can, stick with pine; it's both inexpensive and sturdy.
  2. Choose a strong frame. Ensure that the frame is well-constructed. Cheaply made leather chairs will have frames secured with just staples, nails or glue. Although this lowers the price, it produces furniture that will fall apart with regular use. Instead, look for well-made inexpensive leather chairs that use metal screws or brackets to secure the frame.
  3. Find the right one. Pick a chair type that matches your needs. Leather chairs come in many varieties, such as dining chairs for the dining room, office chairs to use at a desk or recliners for a place to relax in the living room.
  4. Strike a balance. Try to strike a balance between leather quality and price. Expensive leather chairs will be soft to the touch, while inexpensive leather chairs will be less so. Although inexpensive chairs may not feel as good at first, leather gets softer the longer you use it. Even inexpensive leather will feel soft and comfortable after a few years.
  5. Look for durable stitching. Look for durable stitching when shopping for great, cheap leather chairs. Even if the leather is of high quality, it may fall apart if not sewn together correctly. Pick leather chairs that are advertised as having durable stitching.

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